Authoritarian Spaghetti Monster Knot of Confusion

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Somehow we went from God giving mankind (in Adam) dominion to being petty dominators and it's made everything about authority weird. Some of us see how the world chases a form of liberty that is unhealthy. Kids these days just don't have the same respect for authority, am I right? Leading to death, I'd say, is the modern attitude of autonomy. However, autonomy from God isn't only found in post-modern safe spaces. Some men hide their autonomy behind the “Christian” power structures they control.

(Sidenote: It is interesting to me that so many who, opposing false freedom, impose strict power structures within families but then go on to support politics that want as little power in the Federal Government as possible. I suppose it makes sense that little tyrants fear a bigger tyrant that could push them around.) 

Now I love those Federalist Papers and I love seeing balances of power that don't allow for too much tyranny on the political scale because we aren't angels. As a new husband (I think I've been married for about 20 minutes… I kid. But not by much.) I don't want to be a tyrant. I don't want unquestioned authority or control or power. I do want to lead and take responsibility. I want to care for my wife and whomever else the Lord adds to my family. But I'm not King, even if my home is my castle. I'm a servant, and in almost every way (there are some important exceptions) I have the same spiritual authority as my wife. We can both “…draw near to the throne of grace…” (Heb 4:16 ESV), and we both are “…seated…with him in the heavenly places…” (Eph 2:6). We both have been commissioned to, “…go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt 28:19) which means my wife and I have the same authority to declare the same amazing truth of God's acts on our behalf. I'm pretty sure that believing women are also indwelt by the Holy Spirit. 

I know, we can't let feminists win (well, the 3rd Wave, pro-abortion, man-hating version at least) and genders aren't fluid. Gender fluid sounds gross. So we talk about the differences between men and women. I'm down. But not in a way that leads to my wife's brain being constrained to how to vacuum and what's for dinner. I like when this woman pushes me on theology and politics and the way I talked to that one person. I don't need to always be right, or always have my ego massaged by her in public. I want her to speak up and benefit others. I want her to even have the freedom to be wrong. Otherwise fears of making mistakes will constrain her. Her labor for the church is not less than mine. Though, not from the pulpit. In our circles, few people are trying to stuff pulpits with women. In other circles, I'd talk more about that issue.

Give me responsibility, and give death to the false dichotomy. I don't need to choose between the non-choices of confusing men for women vs. turning women like my wife into baby factory house slaves. I think Jesus and the apostles have a better option. Co-heirs of Christ, the adopted brothers and sisters of our murdered and resurrected Lord have both commonality and differences. We should ignore neither of these and avoid the wild pendulum swings of one disaster to another disaster. Sighs of empty self-rule are followed by groans of being lorded over; this is a terrible way to pass the time. The way of Christ's gracious truth is not a middle way between extremes, but a better, different way altogether. Let us have lowly hearts, rejoicing in service, as the Bridegroom for our souls served us. 

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