Simple Difficult Things

Less has been accomplished by the flash of shooting stars than the steady glow of lowly candles.

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It is rarely the extravagant, the powerful, or the majestic that has true impact on the world. Less has been accomplished by the flash of shooting stars than the steady glow of lowly candles.

The leadership that will bring a church into a healthy place, is leadership that does hard things. And by hard things, I don't mean things that only a few people have the talent, skill or wisdom to accomplish. I mean things like the fruit of the Spirit. Patience, for example, isn't something that grabs for youtube views. But a patient man is good for the people he's caring for, they have more of a chance to grow. Gentleness may not win crowds, but it can bring healing to a broken heart. These are simple, difficult things. These are where true strength is found in a church.

Churches, often started by men who can draw a crowd, regularly are victims of looking for the spectacular when what would give them health isn't so noticable. Shepherds aren't typically a flashy bunch. And while there are always exceptions, it is the brilliant mind, or the charismatic visionary that is more often the hired hand who wounds the sheep rather than a true shepherd who would give up his life to fight a wolf.

It is not the talents of great men that are needed in pulpits, though God has blessed us with some great minds and talents. It is the humble meekness of our Savior that should be put on display.

Jesus, Prince of the Heavenly Glory, plodded in dust and spent the majority of His adult life working a trade with His hands. He could be charismatic if he wanted to, the crowds that hung on his words ran in the thousands. But He often ignored the crowds to speak to unimpressive individuals. He didn't build on His momentum. Jesus died in agony. In a sense, Jesus did a simple thing by going to the cross. It is not complicated. He let the religious leaders and Roman government torture and kill Him. But it was the most difficult thing that was ever accomplished in history. And the most meaningful.

We need more leaders like Jesus; less like Steve Jobs, Julius Caesar, Michael Jordan or Immanuel Kant. Less flashy, brilliant, successful or glamorous. More simple love that cares deeply for others.

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